Home internet service too slow


I just signed up for TMO's home internet service and having nothing but problems from the start. They gave me the Nokia gateway from the start and was getting 7 mbps download (forget about the upload, it's pitiful). Next day changed it to the Arcadyan gateway. Download improved to 15 but couldn't maintain that connection speed, it would fluctuate in a range between 3 - 15, not at all what I was expecting for 5G service. After 3 days of tech support, it's concluded that this is the best I can expect. Btw, there are 4G towers near me, according to their engineers but oddly enough they are claiming that poor location/coverage is the issue for my problem (I can't see their reasoning in this. I'm close to the towers but coverage is a problem. Huh?). Does anyone have advice on how I can improve my gateway performance? I understand an external antennae can make vast improvements, but it's an expensive option and labor intensive, i.e., if I want to mount it to the side of my house. Should I just keep it for the free trial period and hope for the best or forget this period. 

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