Home Internet Slow Upload Speeds in 06877

  • 26 August 2021
  • 4 replies


I’m new to T-Mobile’s Home Internet service.  I only have about 2 bars connectivity inside my house (3 bars outside).  The download speeds are consistently >100MB/S, but the upload speeds are too often <3 or even as low as 1.5 MB/S.  I have moved the device to different rooms and into different orientations with no improvement.  Would an external antenna or positioning outside (within a weather enclosure) improve my upload speed experience?



4 replies

Same here. I am trying it out while I still have Comcast to see if I can actually replace my wired connection, but these upload speeds really make me question the viability. I have similar connection strength, usually averaging 3 bars inside now that I’ve played with placement. But 3 Mbps is definitely not going to be doable with 5 streaming Nest security cameras. 

Same here. 2 or 3 bars inside, by windows. The most I have gotten is 4 bars. However, I can't get my TV to connect to the network. I am stumped. I did a soft power cycle on the TV as well. Can anyone help? I am currently keeping Spark light (that is the only other internet available here in Rio Rancho, NM) and just testing out this t-mobile gateway. Not impressed so far. Especially since I can't even get my big living room TV connected. That's a major problem for me (and an even bigger one for my 4 year old.)

Same in SW Michigan, can't stream video. I called a few nights ago and they said I was on a tower that was in the process of being upgraded so they moved me to another tower….tonight the connection has gotten dropped multiple times. I have tried streaming through my phone via chromecast as well as streaming directly through the Roku to my tv. 45 minute wait for tech help when I called


Connection speeds in the south end of 06877 per Ookla Speedtest shown below seem reasonable so I decided to cancel my Frontier DSL service.  I can always jump to Comcast but I’m trying Over The Air broadcast television together with internet streaming in the meantime. 

Date               Time   Latency    Download    Upload
Sep/04/2021 12:29    24.532    291.2938    9.203848
Sep/04/2021 12:28    24.999    287.4801    7.403424
Aug/26/2021 11:27    29.942    304.8546    11.37474
Aug/26/2021 11:26    25.026    272.4738    6.887008
Aug/26/2021 11:04    22.894    312.7589    7.116128