Horrendous Service For Gaming

  • 24 March 2023
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I cannot fathom how horrible it has been to try and game using their Gateway. Internet speeds are useless when I keep getting disconnected from Xbox and minecraft. I just wanted to do lan play and for some reason it wasn't working. I ended up resorting to my Hotspot just to play without interruptions. Absolutely ridiculous and I cannot come to use their service ever again. Especially when you have no control over port forwarding or anything. 

2 replies

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@TrashMobiIe I am sorry to hear about your experience. My T-Mobile Home Internet seems to work fine, with my grandkids playing Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox as my wife and I watch Netflix and alike. 

Maybe you should double check your setup. Is your gateway aligned with your cell tower? Is it near a window with little obstruction? How many bars do you have on the signal strength meter? When using your T-Mobile Internet app, what are your SINR, RSRQ, and RSRP readings (looking at your Advanced Cellular Metrics tab)? Are you on a 5G band (N41 or N71) or LTE? N41 is preferred and faster. 

If you review your installation process, maybe you will see that you can get a better/stronger signal with improved gaming speeds. 

Good luck! (I am not an employee)


My speeds are excellent, i get above 200 MBs download , and 60 to 80 MBs upload. But regardless of that I can't play with my fiancee on a local server on minecraft and I will randomly get disconnected from Xbox live out of no where. I think it has something to do with my ports but as you know, we have no control over port forwarding and stuff. My gateway is by a window seal with excellent connection.