How to improve speed?

  • 8 April 2021
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We were told we would get 750-1 gig internet. We only get around 300. Is there any configuration we could do to improve it? I have moved it around the house.

7 replies

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WOW!  That was a crazy claim they told you.  Most folks are not even getting the 300Mbps you are.  I was told 30Mbps but I routinely get double that.  


I have seen some big numbers, but never 1Gbps.


Keep us posted. :-)



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If you are getting a consistent 300Mbps down, consider yourself fortunate. I am please with anything over 30Mbps (Some days around 100Mbps)as I moved from a DSL line of 1.5Mbps down and 0.28 Up. (And that was advertised not actual.) If you are finding you need more speed than 300Mbps, I would recommend a fiber connection.


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Make sure to test to areas where you are actually sending/receiving data.  Sites like by default are trying to find locations close to you with the best initial ping results.  It is not necessarily a fair representation of where you are actually reaching out to for your daily driving on the web.

For example, mine hits the Charlotte area because I am in the Carolinas.  My games and streaming service CDN’s are NOT hosted there.  When I test out to the regions where the Blizzard, Bungie, Square-Enix, etc. servers are hosted--I get considerably different results.  Often times BETTER because the Charlotte area is prone to congestion issues (why TWC/Spectrum routed us through Raleigh and not Charlotte).

If you do such testing and notice a very dramatic difference, pass this info on to support.  It may be evidence of local backhaul or other peering issues that need to be addressed at a higher tier (the problem may actually involve a third party partner).


Just as an example, here are some results from some tests done close together in my history:







Notice how the one all the way up in Montreal faired better than the one that was just 50 miles away that Speedtest defaults to.


WoW! That would be excellent, however, I’d be pumped to get the 300 you’re getting. I was told 30 Mbps, but I’m pretty lucky as I typically average between 100 Mbps to 130 Mbps on the LTE gateway. I’m still waiting for the 5G upgrade.

I try to keep in mind that the system, compared to other providers, is very new so it’s likely the best is yet to come.


Wow. A gig. I was barely promised 25mb/s and that was only after I pestered the sales agent for 20 minutes about expected speeds. I’m getting 1.8mb/s down and 0.03mb/s up btw. I’m extremely frustrated.

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I have had my Nokia 5G21 for a couple of days here in Riverside, CA and the speed is all over the place. As high as 35 mbs down with 10 mbs up, and a low of 5 mbs down with 1 mbs up. I always have 3 bars and only get 4g.


I wish I could get 300 mbps but my upload is trash most of the time, I want to live stream to twitch and youtube but I need 6mb+ of upload.