Nightmare T-Mobile home internet

  • 17 April 2022
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Got a Nokia modem and have to reboot daily, and slow as hell,  now for the best part, tried to get a Arcadia Modem they say it is better, well I can’t get one cause they will not except my credit card, they say because they can’t verify it, and have auto-pay from my checking account, they will not use that, WTF,   spent 3 hours on the phone and went to the T-Mobile store twice, nothing was solved…   I was told to go to the store and they could check my ID and verify card, NOPE they said that has to be done on the phone… OMG  circular BS…

Here is the stats on the Nokia modem

I like a challenge BUT this is starting to be a bit overwhelming….  I have over 20 hours and mutable days trying to resolve this... 


Name: ivan
Phone #:  
Signal specialist: Signal Specialist (optional)
Application: Application: Home
Comments: this is some terrible numbers .. I have walked around the house and barely got two bars.. went up on the roof and picked up a bar.. I see people see have been adding external antennas doubling the speed. .your thoughts
Latency: 62 ms
Upload: 0.87 Mbit/s
Download: 7.38 Mbit/s
System: LTE
System (short): 4G

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