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Wondering if anyone has issues with 5g connectivity.  We’ve had TMHI for three months.  Has pretty much been great so far, with the exception of 5g service dropping periodically.  You can tell we’re dropped to 4g because the download is halved, upload is quartered and ping doubles.  Not a huge deal.  Streaming is fine and we’re still getting speeds of 100/20.  But it’s a little laggy when you do things online.  5g is available.  My Iphone is getting near gigabit speeds.  Called Tmobile and was told they’re “servicing my tower” and that since internet is deprioritized we get bumped down instead of wireless users.  She also said it was temporary and to periodically re-boot my gateway to re-establish a connection when 5g returns.  Again, the service isn’t bad.  It’s just not what we’re paying for (it’s sold as 5g home internet).  

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