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  • 25 March 2023
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Our tv has worked great on tmobile internet but recently it no longer connects. Tried forget network and then reconnect. Restarted both devices. Sometimes get can not authenticate. Other times can not find the network


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2 replies

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Get a Wifi Analyzer app on your phone and see what band the gateway is broadcasting on.  I am using my own wifi router but when I was using the gateway, I would notice it go into 5ghz DFS band sometimes and my Roku would not see the network.


Not sure about the issue about not authenticating.  Either way, probably better to hard wire your own wifi router and forget about using the gateway wifi.

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Is your TV the only device that’s having this problem. If it is, the problem is most likely with the TV and not the gateway. I'm not sure why it's having this problem, but if you have a combined 2.4/5MHz network, try creating a new 2.4 MHz network with WPA/WPA2 security and NOT WPA2/WPA3 which is the default.

Use the T-Mobile Home Internet phone app. Tap Networks on the bottom of the screen, the the “+” button on the lower right. Create a new network with a new name (SSID) and configure it as 2.4 MHz and WPA type as WPA/WPA2. Scroll down and make sure the Hidden switch is set to off. Scroll down to the Save button and tap it once you've got everything configured. Your gateway will restart and then your new network will be available. See if after clearing out all of your existing network settings on your TV you can connect to the new network you created. The worst that can happen is you're right back where you started. The best outcome would be this fixes your problem.

Good luck!