No TMobile service for Christmas!

  • 25 December 2022
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Thanks TMobile for a no service Christmas starting last Thursday through some unknown time next week. My business, my wife’s college, no sports, movies for the second time in two weeks. If you like dropped calls then you came to the right place. Slow to no internet the new TMobile motto, lol. Did I mention no security system access, no Alexa(music) and more. Return to Xfinity 2023. 

2 replies

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Where are you located and what device do you not have service on? All of my services are working correctly at this time.


Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday


After 11 months of one lame excuse after another by the phone agents, which I believed. I was informed that TMOBILE doesn’t and never has offered internet services for my area. Oh, really! They refunded the latest $50.00 billing and said adios. lol