Private/Incognito not supported message - faulty

  • 5 September 2022
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While attempting to pay my bill a “Firefox incognito mode is no longer supported page appeared”. My First impression was that incognito mode was not used and found to be true upon investigation.  Yet the message continues to appear even when a standard window is used in windows 10. However, this issue turned out to be more flawed than initially thought. When Firefox is used in Linux no such message appears at all. Even worse how does TMobile hope to contend with modern firewalls that may shut off CDN networks that are found to be dealing in malicious content. Perhaps marketing should rethink this. Often these scripts attempting to force openness are misinterpreting privacy settings. Besides its safer to allow privacy anyway.

3 replies

They better rethink this or else my company will stop using their site altogether. They will not dictate what browser we use.


I keep getting that message too. Why does t-mobile not allow privacy for their customers anymore?


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Firefox is no longer supported in private mode

The Firefox browser is no longer supported in private mode on our site. To continue, please take Firefox out of private mode or choose another browser. We recommend Chrome, Safari or Edge.



This just ain’t right.



Add the extension “Hide Private Mode” to your Firefox browser and it solves this problem.

T-mobile is apparently running some kind of trackers on their pages that load when we log-in.

What do you suppose does with all that information they are getting by tracking their own customers?