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  • 29 March 2022
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I’ve had my home internet for 1 year now.  After figuring out how to keep my modem from overheating and finding the best location and orientation in my house, I was routinely getting speed tests of over 400 Mbps.  I also rarely had to reboot any more to fix a problem.

A few weeks ago AT&T came into town and started burying fiber in our neighborhood.  The following week we had a lot of rain, not bad storms, come through for day.  During the rain I happen to notice I was no longer getting those 400+ Mbps speed tests.  It was more in the low 100s.  I chalked it up to weather interference.

The following week things had dried up but I was still getting slower speeds.  it’s still working reliably.  It’s just not as fast as it used to be.  And it used to be that way for about 9 months.  I finally called support this morning.  The first rep told me that I was connected to a tower that was northeast of my address but the tower that was southwest of my address was closer.  I was aware of this but had purposely positioned it to talk to the northeast tower because the southwest tower did not have 5G.  Apparently that has changed.

I got off the phone and moved things around so that I was now connecting to the closer tower.  My speed tests did not improve.  I called back and the next rep told me there was a contract crew performing maintenance in the area and that there was no current ETA documented for when they would be finished.  And, if I understand the rep correctly, traffic was being re-routed around this maintenance.

My speed tests are hitting a suspiciously consistent 120 Mbps.  This tells me that I’m hitting an upstream limit.  Interestingly, my uploads are now ranging from 60 - 80 Mbps and before I think they were in the 40 - 60 range.  Knowing that AT&T is bringing fiber to town, I am wondering if they are doing something that could potentially affect T-Mobile’s tower backhaul so T-Mobile has opted to slow down or maybe re-route home internet traffic during that time period.  I asked both reps if I was being limited but no one said that I was.

Has anyone else gone through something similar where speeds were temporarily limited?  I can’t imagine this being a permanent setup.  When AT&T brings their fiber live, if T-Mobile is still this slow it would be silly not to switch over.  I can pay the same amount and get 5 times the bandwidth.

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