they suck


I have been fighting with T-Mobile since March 2022 I sent I sent my gateway back in March yet they still haven't given me my money back back they were supposed to take the charge off my account and refund me because I've been overpaying They have been charging me for 2 lines instead of one told me I'd have a $100 refund in my bank account and they never did it ever did it and I still have the $400 charge on on my account they said that it's still in the warehouse at UPS So obviously something happened with UPS that's not on me they need to fix my account and refund me my money instead of continually that of continually charging me for something I'm not even using I've already switched Internet these people have lied to me so many different times it it baffles me very unprofessional They're more of a hassle than they are anything else the Internet sucks and the support team sucks

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