Tmobile blocking my message I sent out to customers with url despite having good rating.

Badge is our url that we noticed is being blocked went sent out via A2P Messaging. We use a Twilio number that is registered properly and is approved. We send out to many clients for marketing purposes. Any way we can whitelist this url or you can explain what is wrong with it so far the domain it is being hosted has also a good reputation. Any sort of help is appreciated, I viewed a lot of your forums but found nothing left.

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It is great that you are already signed up for an aggregate service. As long as everything is set up correctly with Twilio, then the messages should be sending properly through the T-Mobile network. You will want to reach out to Twilio to make sure all their settings are correct. It is possible that there is one thing out of place on their end which is preventing the message from routing properly through the A2P system. 

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then your next step unfortunately is contacting TMO either through calling in (tier 1 support) or through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter (tier 2 support).


We are approved to be able to send bulk messages and  are approved. Our company name is Sendsational and I reviewed that document and found that we are following proper procedure is that our url sometimes gets blocked. It isn’t consistent, so unless the system is built to be random we are a bit puzzled on why we are getting blocked sometimes. Just to clarify is a sub-domain of I tested my self with a variety of clients with t-mobile numbers, sometimes its blocked other times it isn’t. Also the forum you sent me still didn’t have the answer we are looking for.


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Consumer messaging

These types of messages are sent by individuals directly to other people from their handsets. Consumer messages travel through SPAM filtering systems meant to block non-consumer messages our subscribers did not request, especially those messages with fraudulent or other harmful intent. 

Non-consumer messaging

All other messages are non-consumer messages. Examples of non-consumer messages include:

  • Two-factor authentication codes
  • Account notifications
  • Marketing messages
  • Billing related messages
  • Messages with transportation and delivery services
  • Political messages

For these messages to reach our customers they must be part of an approved campaign. They are subject to ongoing compliance and monitoring obligations. There is often a fee associated for those who want to deliver a non-consumer messaging campaign to our customers.


might be an answer in there as to why