Tmobile Wireless network doesn't show up on network list

  • 14 January 2023
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I have two older Dell Latitude laptops that have both been upgraded with SSID hard drives.  However, one of them, my wife’s, doesn’t show the TMobile network on the list of networks. It only uses 5mghz.  But, doesn’t show up on any of the three settings:  Automatic, 5 or 2.4.

Looks like from a YouTube video that the older TMobile Gateway allowed you to make changes so it would work.  But, the newer one only works through the phone app.

Any ideas?


4 replies

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With Dell, it may be a driver issue. Here is a link to the Dell support page. Generally, your laptop should have no issue seeing your wifi network, regardless of the type of hard drive (HHD or SSD).

It also depends if you are running Windows 10 or 11. The first thing to check is that you have all of the Dell drivers updated, which the link will help you with. 

Good luck

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You should be able to.use the app to separate the wireless networks into 2.4GHz and 5GHz and also lower the security from WPA2/WPA3 to WPA/WPA2 which is more compatible with older devices.

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upgraded with SSID hard drives. 


What is an SSID hard drive? An SSID refers to the name of a WiFi network.


The t-mobile router doesn't work with some Dell computers.  T-mobile Philippines support was clueless.  I solved the problem by connecting via a wifi extender.