Tools to help me mitigate slow T-mobile home internet speeds?

  • 16 August 2022
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For two days in Oro Valley, AZ 85737, speed tests are showing 0.26 MBPS Down and 0.17 UP and only1 or 0 bars on the gateway. So, Chrome web browser keeps dropping tabs, Ooma VOIP struggles to stay operative, AppleTV streaming is impossible (Netflix tries but fails, Amazon Prime doesn’t even try, and give the dread error code 28 with the lovely explanations of connectivity problems in myriad languages. I reboot the gateway automatically in the middle of the night..

So, I can see from the forum traffic above that T-mobile knows about the problem. My question is this…

Are there any guides or software tools that I can deploy to minimize issues that I am causing as a user? I have found the Windows setting to set data limits and notifications, but would love to find a tool that tells me in real time what apps are generating data so prolifically, so I can make a decision to shut them down when necessary.

Can you year me grinding my teeth?

Thanks for any ideas, links, etc.

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