unreliable internet service with no repair from t-mobile

  • 6 August 2022
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  For 1 1/2 years from day one, t-mobile will not fix our daily problems.  They make empty promises, but never care to fix problems.  We've been their cell phone customer for 22 years, yet they are useless for servicing their problems we have endured.

  Does anyone know of any leverage to make them live up to their obligations to their customer base?

  I've become physically ill from the constant stress & that everyday we have to re not if lucky to be able to watch programs without the consistent drop of signal or buffering.  We live in metro Orlando area & still, they do nothing.  Maybe a collection of customers who are being taken advantage of may join in legal action against their terrible internet technical support.  This is an insult after trusting them for so many years.

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