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When I first started with T-Mobile 5G home internet they sent me the Arkadyan gateway. I was unable to get my Roku TV to see the 5ghz WiFi from this gateway (could only see the 2.4ghz). So I called and the tech (expert?) I spoke to agreed that the Nokia gateway might work better so he had one sent to me. So I tried it. While the Arkadyan gateway gave me 3 bars (good internet connection) and the Nokia only gives me 2 bars (weak internet connection) the download speed seemed to be better on the Nokia. So, I sent the Arkadyan back. Shortly after that my 5G connection started dropping regularly, only a reboot usually brings it back (sometimes it doesn’t). When the 5G drops the download speed is awful. Maybe I made a mistake returning the Arkadyan? Is it possible that the “good” connection on the Arkadyan will maintain a consistent 5G connection? In the last few days I’ve spent over 2 hours on the phone with their “experts” but they don’t seem to be able to send me back an Arkadyan gateway! I’m frustrated! Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get them to send me an Arkadyan gateway to try again??

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