4G vs 5G Gateway SIM Card

  • 12 December 2021
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I recently upgraded my 4G Home Internet Gateway to a 5G Gateway and could not get the new one to connect to the Internet. After a lot of hassle, an expensive local tech and numerous calls to T-Mobile tech support, the next-to-last tech discovered that the new SIM card hadn’t been activated. She said she was activating it and it would be effective in 30 min. However after 2 hours I still couldn’t connect to the internet so I called T-Mobile again. This tech verified that the new SIM had not been activated.

Rather than ask to activate the new SIM, I asked if I could change out the old sim for the new SIM. The tech said that was OK and in fact easier. I did it and got right online. However I note that the speed was only 25% faster (20 vs 25Mbps) on the upload and 50% lower on the download. (5 vs 2.5 Mbps!!) on the download. It’s been about the same for 2 days now. I had expected much better speed 5G.

So my question is: should this change in gateway be expected or is there likely a problem using the 4G SIM on the 5G system, or some other problem? If I should expect better, is this an issue for T-Mobile tech again or is there something I can do myself? It took me a long time to get online with 5G so I don’t want to risk ‘breaking’ it but I am dissatisfied with the speed.



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