5G Gateway Setup with Smart TV

  • 1 July 2022
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In setting up my new Nokia 5G Gateway, other devices (PC, printer, etc) work but my Samsung smart TV shows to connect to the internet but is not responding. Any ideas?

1 reply

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Hi Jlajr, Setting up any new equipment is always the worst! I just want to buy things and then play with them. I am glad to hear that most of the setup has gone well. There are a few variables that could be causing issues with the TV connection. I did a quick search on the Samsung site about their TVs and there are many models that are not compatible with 5Ghz. I am not sure what model TV you have, but that means that your best bet is to split the networks on our gateway so the TV can see the 2.4 Ghz separately and connect. 

I love this simulator because you can see the steps in the app to make those changes. When you get to the “Manage networks” screen, you can select to add a network with the plus sign. Then set it up to be the 2.4Ghz and make sure it has a unique network name. Once you finish those steps, you should be able to see the new network name on your TV and connect. :) 

How to change network frequency bands | T-Mobile Internet app | iOS | T-Mobile Support 

Hope this helps!