5G home internet keeps dropping

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I did get a new one maybe it’s because I’ve Traveled  to the Philippines and partied there ha . I know everyone wants to use their nighthawk which I paid $300 for and now it’s just sitting on a shelf unplugged  -  try using just the modem router from T-Mobile if possible  - I had no luck until I unplugged all the WiFi apparatuses which is probably not cool but it did work

On my ninth day without rebooting this go round 18 days prior.

While it may be an acceptable “solution” for some, it is not acceptable to me. No devices are allowed in the DMZ on my network. It works this way with every other internet provider (not that we have a multitude of choices but to name just a couple: Comcast, Frontier) and it has to work that way with TMo. It will not be the case for a while. They are behind the curve and the internet is something new for them. The phones work fine on their network. They just have to figure out the internet gateways. I’ll wait for Frontier to lay their fiber down in our neighborhood and then switch and TMo will not have it fixed by then. Pity, I really like the idea of a 5G gateway.

After reading all these complaints, I rather not waste my time troubleshooting and just go back to Comcast. Soo annoyed with the daily issues. 

I’ve notice that at least 1-2 times a week, my wifi shuts down at the same time every time. Not only that, even though my device says the WiFi is excellent

 which by the way, what ticks me off even more was after they asked me how I was enjoying their service and I told them I was happy with it and had no problems, THATS when everything went downhill. Literally within 8 hours of them asking me. And has not stopped since. 

As many of you in the community has stated, T-mobile’s 5G wifi is well stocked with issues. I am not new to networking protocol and setup opportunities, so I expected some challenges with this service. Yes, I have experienced multiple dropped broadcast from the router, issues with 5Ghz and 2,4Ghz selection, etc. The main thing that is really driving me crazy with this is everytime the system fails, I have to completely reset all my devices to be recognized on the wifi. Once or twice I don’t mind doing, but in the 48 hours that I have had this service I have spent more time with wifi connectivity management than I have with “enjoying” the service. The carrot of 5Ghz for $50 sounded too good to be true, and so far it has only disappointed. Don’t think I can kick xfinity to the curb yet.

Very disappointed.

Been having issues with my device too very much like which has been stated here..

I have the Nokia (trash can) looking device, even with all of the WiFi channels turned off and a 3D printed 3rd party fan (which is keeping the device way cooler than it has ever been as if it’s still off.. the device randomly decides to re-set itself.

I’ve been through the loops of going through Tech support via calls and Twitter, got a replacement device and SIM card, but still the same issues continues.

It is truly the WORST!!

It’s a shame Tmobile has fallen into the trap as all the other cell providers, gain a huge market share and stop helping customers. 


I have a Nokia trash can modem and had issues on day one, wouldn't connect to 5g, was sent another modem and it worked for maybe 8 or 9 months and i was very happy with it until 2 weeks ago. It too started dropping 5g that could be reconnected with a modem reboot last week that option failed and after several calls to a “Expert” they agreed to send me a new router.  I got that 3 days ago and it too can't connect to 5g, here it is 3 days later , several wasted hours on the phone with a “Expert” asking me if the modem is near a window, does it have a singal bar in the display etc etc.  I am amazed that when I asked to speak to a next level tech I was informed that was not a option.   I called corporate office to ask for a tech number that wasn't a phone bank of scripted people and was patched to another department who once answered sent me back to the home internet helpline and he has very limited knowledge of it. 

As I write this am on hold at 27 minutes to talk with someone.

Maybe tmobile uses text searches so if so Abdul Saad start training your people. 

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… it worked for maybe 8 or 9 months and i was very happy with it until 2 weeks ago. It too started dropping 5g that could be reconnected with a modem reboot last week that option failed ...


Same thing with me.  Always fanned and worked reliably for 9 months, then for whatever reason, the Nokia gateway decided to switch from reliable n41 5G band, to n71.  Horrible after that, with slower speeds and constant drop outs.


Rebooting and restarting (NOT resetting) the gateway did nothing.  Still stayed on n71.  As a last resort, I removed the Nokia battery, and cold-started it.  It chose n41 once again, and has been stable for over 2 weeks now.


Maybe the battery keeps the band configuration, and by removing it, forces the gateway to start from scratch with band choice.