"5G" Home Internet: speeds all over the place, app software is very buggy

  • 21 March 2021
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In the mornings on weekends I get 50/20 Mbps down/up. By the afternoon its down to 10/2 Mbps. On weekdays, no matter what the time, I get 3Mbps/1Mbps down/up and can’t hold a zoom call for business without hiccups. This is in the sub-urban SF Bay Area where we should technically be well-equipped with plenty of towers and no so much overcrowding per tower.

The app is very buggy so I use the web interface from my laptop.

I am about 0.5 miles from the tower and still only get 3 bars at best, often 2 bars. RSRP is -100dBm.

The router never uses the 5G n71 band as primary. It is always the secondary signal.


2 replies

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Our T-Mobile Home Internet troubleshooting page as a slow internet section that does have some helpful steps. The last steps would be contact our Tech care team to file a trouble ticket for this. 

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Does the 10 device max per Wifi band (5/2.4Ghz) limit applies to the Nokia (aka the “air purifier”) gateway?