5g wifi

  • 14 October 2021
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Does the wifi device display anything on top while in use?

2 replies

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Nope. You have to tap the top of the gateway to bring the display to life. Then swipe to the various messages. It goes off after several seconds of not touching it.

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I read my message again, and thought maybe you mean does it show a 5ghz wifi connection on the top. No, it doesn’t. The gateway will transmit at 5ghz wifi to a device that accepts that, and 2.4ghz to devices that use that. You can select between the two at the device end also, if you set up different wifi passwords, one for 5ghz and one for 2.4ghz.

If you meant when you are getting the 5G signal combination, does the top display a little 5G as most 5G phones will, no, it doesn’t do that either.