A Gaming Fail So Far

  • 20 March 2021
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I am really torn about this post. On one hand so far the service has been fantastic for about 90% of the task I ask it to do. But that last 10% is the stuff that I care about and use the most, which is gameing and live streaming and both are pretty much a complete failure. If you want to play in any online more at all you’re going to be for a big letdown. At the very least you can expect some decent latency issues at time and in some games you’re not even going to be able to connect at all period. From everything I’ve read here and other forums this seems like the norm. I don’t even know how T-Mobile could not see this as an catastropic issue and likely deal-breaker for many potentail customer. Over 164 million adults in the United States play video games. Of that number most research puts online gamers at around 50%+ of that group, so around 80+ million people. Let that sink in. With T-Mobiles current lack on gaming support that is 80+ million potential customers lost right off the bat. Add in the almost complete lack of phone support (unless you’re willing to spend hours on hold just to get someone that most likely has no idea how to support this service), things are not looking great.

As must as I despise and loath Cox cable in my area and the idea of paying twice the price for the same speed, if T-Mobile doesn’t figure out their gaming issues real fast I have a sinking feeling that many new customers and potential ones will be going elsewhere, myself included.

2 replies

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For reals.  Their approach to dual-stack is largely to blame... specifically with how it impacts port forwarding.

464XLAT is KNOWN for breaking peer-to-peer style applications... which means it not only breaks a LOT of online gaming features, but also a lot of IoT things that are becoming more and more common.

While losing remote access to my home network was a letdown, the only really troublesome part was not being able to stream from my media server while away, so not exactly "critical" (can always pull the flat files to my phone/laptop beforehand if I wanted to).

So far, I have been flying solo in the games I play, so it  hasn't really impacted me much on that front.  But if I ever get to where I need/want to team up or otherwise use party chat features of my consoles or other applications, it WILL become an issue.

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Exactly. The issues with gaming are just the tip of the iceberg that’s probably going to sink this unfortunately.  IoT is also a good point and one I also know about all too well since I have multiple smart devices in my home too from vacuums to lightbulbs. And let’s not even get started on the VPN issues people are having. We’re in the middle of a pandemic that has caused the biggest migration of workers ever out of the office and working from home and T-Mobile decides that now is a good time to release an internet service that does not work with VPNs. Again add in the fact that more people than ever are playing video games from home and this just looks like one of the biggest blunders I have ever seen. Whoever the suit was that thought this service was ready obviously has absolutely no idea what they are doing and should be fired.