Adding a second gateway

  • 19 May 2022
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Is it possible to add a second gateway to your house? I have one and it works well but I have a ranch style house and I’d like to have a second one at the other end of the house. 

1 reply

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Yes you can but you will be paying $100 per month for 2 lines. In fact I had this happen to me by mistake. I was calling TMO to complain about my Nokia gateway not working and they agreed to send me the newer Arcadyn. I thought all was good until I saw a new phone number added to my account and another $50 charge. When I called to ask WTF, the rep looked into it and explained to me whoever arranged for my router replacement accidentally set the replacement up as a new line. Had I not called to get this fixed, I would still be paying for two lines of home internet. I actually thought about keeping it and finding out if I could somehow bond the two lines for almost gigabit speed, but it is not possible.

For others wondering how this was resolved, it took some effort. My original line could not be changed without fees since it was past the 15 day free trial period. I had to swap the SIM card from my Nokia gateway with the Arcadyn. This way I could cancel my “new line” at no charge since it was within the 15 day free trial and ship the Nokia with the “new” SIM card back to TMO. They sent me a prepaid shipping label so I did not have to pay anything. Did take an hour of complaining on the phone tho.