After doing some testing and reading the forum comments, I dumped it

  • 3 October 2021
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After fighting the daily need to reboot, and reading that tmobile has offered no real answers, I took it back and dropped the service.  I’d LOVE to have a reliable device and would buy one in a  heartbeat.  No real problems with the performance just the reliability.  I cannot accept having to reboot it at random but daily times.  I have lots of stuff on my network that have to have a connection.  I never tried the wifi since I already have a complex wifi network.  I just took the WAN cable from my existing Netgear router and plugged it into the ethernet port on the gateway and it worked perfectly.  Good idea poor implementation IMO.

2 replies


Where I  iive, I have DSL and a local wireless provider.  The DSL from Century Link is what you would expect, crap.  The wireless is reliable but expensive for 10/2 service.  I had no issue with the gateway speed, just the unreliability.  My wife’s 5G phone works just fine here.

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If you live in Tucson, at least you have some good alternatives hopefully. I think it is helpful for future customers of T mobile to read such “why I’m leaving” comments, and understand that, indeed, 5G home internet is not a solid guarantee of good speed and connection stability for all customers, like fiber is for the most part. Instead, it is a hit or miss, and everything between.

These comments can be found easily by doing general searches in Google, so new customers will tend to find them when they are searching for info on T mobile home internet. And that’s good.

It’s a risk to try it, and success with it is dependent on your individual location, the equipment on the towers nearest you and the position of your house in relation to those towers, and what kind of obstacles are between.

I would guess that over 50% of T mobile home internet customers have fast speeds, over 150 down, and less than two disconnections per week, with no lag or stutter problems.

I’m guessing 30% get connections over 300 and no disconnections.

As for me, I thought having a download speed of over 30 would be amazing, and instead it is over 200 most of the time, and about a third of the time over 300. I had a disconnection about every other day for my first few months, but in the last three weeks, none, as in not one. I’m hoping the gateway firmware update did that.

So one’s experience with T mobile is all about where you’re coming from in terms of speeds and reliability, what else is available in your area, what your requirements are, what you’re willing to put up with, what your expectations are, and the biggest factor of all is just dumb luck.