Bought used NOK5G21 - TMO says it's blacklisted ? Can I activate as new customer ?

  • 25 November 2021
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So I bought a used TMO 5G home internet router for my new house we are moving into which does not have fiber ISP.

The wait list time has been awful - can’t get a new unit for months now…


Called TMO to have the used router activated, but they said it’s tied to someone else at their home location.

Then they said it’s been blacklisted as service has been suspended.

Can I go into a TMO store and see if they can activate it ???

What are my options other than returning the used unit and getting my money back ??



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The gateway was the property of T-Mobile, not the person from whom you bought it. So, not theirs to sell. 

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If it's blacklisted the only way to get it activated is for the original owner to pay any outstanding balance.

So basically the easiest thing to do is return it if you can.

no wait list for me (chicagoland).

ordered last week, and received TWO today (called tmobile and they activated one and sent a return label for the other).

how much did you pay for the router?


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If by some chance you bought the gateway on eBay, you may be able to get them to help you, as you essentially were sold stolen goods. As JMA mentioned, T-Mobile doesn’t sell them. If you “lose” one or damage it (for example, by trying to modify it), or if you cancel service without returning it, you would legally have to pay T-Mobile for it. It sounds like maybe the seller cancelled service (or just stopped paying), and then sold the gateway instead of returning it.  If you bought it locally, say through Craig’s List, you could contact the police and report it.  As bsc mentioned, you could just try to order the service as a new customer, in which case T-Mobile will send you a gateway without charge, as they did for all of us. Thre’s no rental charge for the unit, so you’d be paying the same for the service whether you had your own gateway or not.  You’d still be out what you paid for the gateway, but at least you’d have the service while you try to get your money back from the seller.