Brother printer won't connect to KVD21 Gateway

  • 16 May 2022
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I just got the latest 5G Gateway, model KVD21 and although I can connect all our cell phones & computers my Brother MFC-J995DW printer won’t connect when I type in the password.

7 replies


Do you have the KVD21 or the Nokia grey tower?  I ask because when I had the Nokia it would just stop and I found that resetting it using the pin hole reset would cause it to re-aquire the tower connection which would make it happy for awhile.  I had hoped that the KVD21 (latest 5G Gateway) would improve the connection……… doesn’t. It’s a POS like the Nokia.


iTinkeralot - Thanks for the info.  I kludged an interface by connecting a wifi repeater (that the printer has no problem communicating with) via ethernet cable to the KVD21.  Note that I had several printers and wifi repeaters connected to the Nokia gateway previously with no problems.

This is so stupid.  It shouldn’t be this hard to connect anything with today’s technology.

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I was looking at a note I made from Nater Tater’s YouTube video which shows the 2.4 GHz radio with WPA2 and AES authentication. His video was showing how to edit the settings, i.e. turn off the WIFI radios in the KVD21. Any way the key point I am trying to make is the “default” for the 2.4 GHz may be WPA2 and AES encryption so making sure to match the GW and printer values could make it work. Using “auto”, if that is an option in the printer might not play well. 

Seems you have a reasonable work around. Well, with older gear and driver issues maybe… things just don’t always play nice. Good you were able to get it working.

I have two brother printers and when I initially set up the internet, I couldn’t get the printers to connect. I did two things - I split the networks into 2.5 and 5Ghz.  You can do this through the admin panel.  This seemed to work, but the printers would not stay connected to wifi, so instead of letting the computer find and install the printer, I actually keyed in the IP address of each printer.  This worked like a charm.  I might be one of the lucky ones, but tmobile internet is faster and more reliable than Fios.  I still have both and will keep both for a month or so, but so far I couldn’t be happier.  I also have no problem with VPN for work.  

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I went to my printers and used the LED screen to set up the WIFI on my Epson printers and that worked fine. I believe I had tried to allow my MacBook Pro find them and that was not working. The main issue I had was the older Epson workforce 845 was so old it had to have 2.4 GHz with WPA so I had to change the authentication on the 2.4GHz to allow WPA as well. It seems older printers may have some issues with the implementation of 802.11ax on the T-Mobile gateways. Maybe more so with the Arcadyan vs. the Nokia. 

My MFC-L271Dw brother printer/scanner will not connect either. it’s stuck on wifi, Looking for WLAN.  it just hangs their

My apple tv pro will connect to wifi but 5 min into watching the signal gets stuck and just hangs. i unplug both the tower and the apple tv, restart, rinse repeat.

nada, nyet, zip

I’m begging to think that switching to Tmobiles 5 G tower was a bad move

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The printer supports  IEEE 802.11b/g/n so it “should” be able to work with the gateway but it would not be the first printer in the community conversations that does not seem to play well with the KVD21. It might help to reset it to defaults and then start again if you have not tried that. If you can locate it where you can use an Ethernet cable that would simplify getting it connected. 

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