Can't chromecast streaming services on T-mobile Home Internet

  • 20 February 2021
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I m having problem casting netflix or youtube or any streaming services on T-Mobile home internet. I had no issues when I was on Cox internet. I've reboot my phone and the chromecast.  I can mirror cast my phone screen but just can't cast any streaming services. Whenever I try to cast it, my tv screen goes dark for a few seconds and then it goes back to the Google chromecast screen saver. Not sure what else to do. Has anyone had this issue? 

27 replies

I just hooked up (via ethernet cable) a Netgear wifi extender and chose the access point option, and it works that way. (NETGEAR EX6150-100NAR)

WORKAROUND: Connect your phone to the T-mobile home internet. Turn on the Hotspot feature on your phone. Connect the device that you're casting to your phone's Hotspot.