Can you REALLY turn off gateway WiFi?

  • 24 November 2021
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I’ve got a Nokia gateway connected to my existing router.  I’ve turned off all 12 (!) of the gateway’s SSIDs, as well as disabled broadcast of them, confirmed on the web portal’s WLAN statistics page. But as someone noted earlier, the WiFi status still says “online” on the status page. Additionally, a scan of nearby networks finds a hidden SSID with a strong signal on the 5Ghz band-- nearly as strong as my router’s, about 8 feet away, with a Nokia vendor ID and a MAC address identical to the gateway’s, except for the “75AA” extension. I don’t have any Nokia networking equipment other than the gateway, and the signal is too strong to be coming from a neighbor’s house. Can someone smarter than me shed some light on this?

1 reply

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If you look at the manual for the Nokia gateway, you'll see that the Wi-Fi can't be turned off, per se, but the transmission power for each SSID can be turned down to 12%.