Cancelling T Mobile Home Internet

  • 15 December 2020
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I was scammed by Tmobile to sign up for their home internet and now there's no way to cancel because no one is answering their phones.  Can we cancel in person at the store?  It doesn't help when I'm not a tmobile wireless customer so I can't even create an online account.

5 replies

I was scammed too. Internet worked for a month and then died. It took 5 days to send a new box (even though they promised I would get a new box overnight) and the second box wouldn’t work either. I’ve been waiting 4 hours to cancel. It took me 13 minutes to order Spectrum instead. Don’t get T-Mobile internet. You will regret it! 

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Have you tried contacting through chat, or the ISP number (the one used for signing up... 844-839-5057)?

Yes and over 4 hours later it was confirmed that the new refurbished box that was sent came with a dead battery. I canceled as quickly as I could. 

You CAN setup an account online, but I had to find it through trial and error.  Disclosure, it is meaningless if you want support though.  You can actually get the SMS message to sign up with the number associate with your account by logging into the router (usually and going to advanced options.   

Live chat worked for me just now - took about 30 minutes. they could not argue with me as HULU and CBS not supported by the internet service.