Cannot connect Dell computers with Gigabit Ethernet to Nokia gateway

  • 26 March 2021
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I have two Dell computers: one Optiplex 1710 and one PowerEdge T30. Both have Gigabit Ethernet, although IIRC they don’t use the same type/brand of  Ethernet adapters.

My problem is that whenever I connect the computers to the Nokia gateway, they lose all connectivity. And by all connectivity, I mean they are not even accessible by other computers in the LAN. This is causing me lots of headaches, as I depend on both computers to do my work. It doesn’t matter what operating system I use (Windows 10, Windows Server, Linux, etc.), the problem persists.

I also have a work Mac (MacBook Pro, 15-inch from 2019), which is connected to the gateway via a TP-Link 8-port switch (mac → switch → gateway). The switch’s model is LS1008G. I do not have any connectivity issues at all with the Mac. It’s only the Dell computers the ones that are causing me headaches.

And yes, I’m using Gigabit-grade cables everywhere (Cat-5e or Cat 6).

2 replies


You weren’t clear about troubleshooting steps-- I am assuming you know that the Dell ethernet works with other devices/setups? If you have not yet tried, please unplug the ethernet cable from the Mac’s dongle/adapter, plug it into one of the Dell’s ethernet ports and try it, so the only difference is the computer. If that works, plug the Dell into the 8-port switch using the original Dell cable (the one which does not work plugged directly into the gateway). If THAT works, then try a brand new patch cable from Dell to gateway into the same port the switch is plugged into. Report back results if still a problem. 

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Sorry if I wasn’t 100% clear. I am not using an Apple gigabit Ethernet dongle (I assume this is what you understood) with the Dell computer, but the built-in gigabit Ethernet adapter.

At any rate: I did connect the Dell computer directly to the gateway with a Cat 5e cable (that is, bypassing the switch), and it does appear to work fine. It is when I connect the Dell computer to the switch (with the same cable) when it starts dropping connections.

To reiterate, I do not experience this problem when I connect a Mac to the switch (and the switch to the Nokia gateway).

So I believe the next question is: Are there any gigabit switches known to work in all scenarios with the Nokia gateway?