Cannot connect NOK 5G21 Gateway - incorrect password

  • 19 January 2021
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Started service I. December, using white modem TM-RTL0102

After 1 week, 2.4 connect failed, and returned “incorrect password” - after hours on the phone, tech advised this was a known issue since October with no ETA for resolution, but it was an underlying issue with the firmware.  Restarting the modem restored the connection, so we restarted every day.  Along the way they said the modem was obsolete and they shipped me a new one.

New modem arrived, and could not be set up - returning an error of “incorrect password”.  I didn’t worry too much, opened another ticket, and engineering would “call me back”. Yesterday the original modem started flashing the LTE light red.  On the phone this morning for another hour - after removing and reinserting the SIM card, device worked for about 45 seconds.  Tech then advised me to swap SIM cards between the devices.

Now to the actual question - the router has an USB port, but where’s the SIM card?

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Page 35-37 of the tmobile user guide.


Basically, have to remove the bottom plate off to access it.