Connecting T-Mobile home internet and my wifi mesh mesh network

  • 17 December 2021
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I currently have Asus GT-Ax11000 wifi router with 2 Asus Zen Wifi mesh nodes connected to a cable modem.  I’ve set up the T-Mobile home network unit and it gets decent speeds 250-270 Mbps.  Can I unplug my Asus router’s ethernet cable  from the cable modem and plug into the T-Mobile unit and reset the system?  Or do I need to reconfigure the Asus mesh system?  Can the T-mobile wifi be turned off and simply feed from the ethernet port?

6 replies


I have the Amplifi Alien, and just plug the ethernet out from TM gateway to Amplifi in, and everything just works. I did not have to change anything of my devices, including phones, TV’s and IoT’s … I did not even need to turn off the WIFI from the TM gateway.


Yes I decided to try that and mine worked the same as well.


so do you get the same speed as from TM wifi?   I hooked up my mesh wifi to ethernet port and only get about 30-40 mbps     I get over 200 from TM wifi 

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so do you get the same speed as from TM wifi?   I hooked up my mesh wifi to ethernet port and only get about 30-40 mbps     I get over 200 from TM wifi 

On Asus routers and mesh systems yes. I see no difference in speed using my Asus ZenWifi mesh versus directly connected to the TMO gateway. I tested both DHCP and AP modes and speeds are identical. I prefer DHCP because it opens up a lot of features that TMO gateway doesn’t support like a guest network that is virtually separate from main network or QOS.

However, some folks have reported their non-Asus routers drop to half speed or less with DHCP enabled, but get full speed in AP mode.

I can find no documentation about the gateway network capabilities, or compatibilities. Maybe it’s for a future product introduction. My only solution has been to plug my current WiFi network into the TM gateway. I can’t find a discernible difference between my network, and the TM gateway network speeds. They are both at 50-70 Mb/s during the most of the day (I had cable internet and was able to get over 120 Mb/s but it was $ The weird thin is that my 5G phone can get 147-190 Mb/s in the same house. On rare occasions I have been able to get >500Mb/s on my phone. TLDR: The gateway seems limited, and isn’t nearly as fast as my phone.

If your getting good high mbps with your cell phone then your phone is able to use the WIFI 6 (Mesh) that TMHI gateway has, it has 2.4 & two bands of 5G (low band & high band) which is called tri band (WIFI 6 Mesh) combined together (all 3 bands) & you can upload & download at faster rates. Older routers only have 2.4 & 5G  which isn’t combining them together & in turn slower speeds. Only thing is that so far as far as I know there isn’t any satellite’s (noids) available yet that will connect with the TMHI Gateway to make a larger mesh network. Nokia makes both the TMHI Gateway’s & they also make satellites called Beacon’s (noids) but none of them (as to my knowledge) will connect with either Gateway.  T-Mobile needs to get with Nokia to help solve the issues when one wants to extend their Mesh network. You can purchase a separate WIFI 6 Mesh system & make your own network & connect it to the Ethernet port on the Gateway if you want but the TMHI GATEWAY WIFI 6 Mesh works pretty good & coverage is probably closer to the 2000-2500 sq ft area & should work very well for most people if they have a WIFI 6 capable device.