• 10 October 2021
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I have had my gateway since September 12th, and have had little to no connectivity since then.  When I’ve had connectivity, it averages 12mbps, which is not high speed anything.  They talked me through setting up a 2.4 and 5g SSID I believe it’s called and that worked intermittently for about a week more or less. It went out totally today and they are sending a new gateway.  I was told the tower near me is undergoing maintenance, and I’ve been told this since my service ‘started’.


I went to the home page to check if I had TMOBILE service at my address, and low and behold it says no, yet they told me I did.  


Is anyone honest anymore??????

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Maybe they switched the status of your address/area to “no 5G service” because they were working on the tower, and when you signed up, the work didn’t begin until you got your gateway. Bad timing for you. Well, I guess you’ll know when you get the next gateway but if the tower work isn’t done, a new gateway will not help.

Seeing this as a question of honesty is a stretch, frankly. The service people on the phone only know the information that is given to them to provide to callers. Sometimes there are delays of weeks or over a month in tower maintenance, probably because they have trouble getting a necessary part. Seems like tower work can last anywhere from two hours to six weeks or more.

Best case scenario is you get the new gateway and the tower work is complete, and you find yourself getting speeds 100+ and it works out for you.

I wish the whole tower maintenance thing was like the power company, where there is a number to call and you get an automated response that informs you that the power (or in this case tower) in your area is down, and when it is expected to come up. For me, I’ve had this for four months with no service disruptions and I haven’t had to contact TMO once. Any little issues I’ve had, I’ve found answers online or from other users.

When you get your gateway, be proactive in trying it in different locations in your house, at at different orientations (by rotating and/or elevating it), because that can help with getting the best signal or finding a place with the best speed.

Even when the tower is up, the gateway is good, cellular service is variable by individual location. People are in dead zones that are sometimes as small as their own property. I’d guess that it is less than 5% of customers who get these snail speeds under 30 or no usable connection at all. People with these unfortunate experiences either fantasize that the company is totally incompetent, or that it is happening to everybody and shouldn’t be, when it’s bad luck or in your situation, hopefully just bad timing.