Couldn't verify identity with Venmo - Geolocation wrong

  • 13 December 2021
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Apparently, Venmo read my IP address as being located in Honolulu, HI instead of my actual location and that set off “fraud detection”. To make matters worse, their app and web site didn’t reflect my account being locked and I just couldn’t successfully add any payment types. 

After a support case I was asked to send a copy of my driver’s license. Then, that was still apparently insufficient and they wanted copies of my bank statements. At this point I just decided Venmo wasn’t for me.

I actually explained to the Venmo staff about T-Mobile Home Internet but that was ignored. So, perhaps T-Mobile needs to contact Venmo and explain it.

Also, they don’t just use the geolocation from the web browser. I have that and my PC’s location set to my current actual location. 

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