DHCP maximum scope and range

  • 25 October 2021
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OK since there is no option to change the DHCP addresses what is the configured dhcp scope so I can create a DMZ like area in the 192.168.12.z/24 space letting the T-mobile device have .1 

3 replies

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You are out of luck no way to do it.


There is always a way, with 20+ years as a network engineer there is always a way.  If you create a DMZ and place a firewall / router in the 192.168.12.x network then you can make the network behind that firewall anything you want.  The issue I am trying to solve for is that I need to know what the dhcp range is being handed out because I want to make that router / firewall to be a static IP.

Did you ever find a way to make this work?