disable wifi and routing on high spped gateway

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I have a dedicated firewall and wifi already setup and would like to disable wifi and routing in the t-mobile device so that it’s effectively just a modem.  Is this possible with this device?

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If you got the newer 5g model that is grey and looks like a trashcan, then the answer is you can’t.  It’s just a 5g hotspot. 

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It looks like a trash can to me….I’ll play with the setup on my router and see what I can make work….thanks

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Can I change the up subnet in the dhcp settings?  It conflicts with my internal IPs

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Update.  I’ve been through all the settings in the web ui and I can’t find any way to change the network setup.  I get that T-Mobile wants to make the setup simple but there’s no way I’m going to be able to work with this device if the only real configuration is English vs Spanish….

if anyone has had any success setting this up with a secondary router please chime in with any advice.  Otherwise I’m going to have to return this “trash can” to t-mobile.  It’s too bad bc in my area the signal is good and initial speed tests looked promising for this to be a viable alternative to cable…it’s a shame that basic router configurability could keep me from what otherwise looked to be a promising solution…


Has anyone an update on this?  I hear that it can be done but I'm not finding any helpful  information.

Here is my 2 cents on this:

  • There is no way to change the ethernet / wifi subnet.  It is  Same ipv4 subnet bridged across wireiess/wired.  There is also ipv6.
  • You can disable wifi, with a little work.  You’ll need to go into each of the 12 SSIDs and turn off ‘enable SSID’.  Status page will still show wifi on, with channel and strength.  But, in statistics / WLAN page, it should show as:
    2.4GHz WLAN Connection Disabled
    5GHz WLAN Connection Disabled

    As far as I can tell, wifi is not on at this point.

    It would be great in situations like this to be able to have this device bridge external to internal interface like many cable modems allow, passing the external IP directly to an internal firewall / router device.  But, that isn’t an option.

    If you use your own router / firewall, you are likely double NATing.

    External IP - Home Gateway - 192.168.12.x - firewall - internal IP space

    Not pretty, but will likely work for many types of connections.

This would be great if there was an easy way to disable wifi on the gateway. I am trying to switch from cable like a lot of others here and I already have my own mesh network so I don’t need the built in wifi. 

I'm in the same boat. I'm sure I'm double natting. Maybe an upgrade will enable more features. If it wasn't for T-Mobile's aggressive pricing and Xfinity's overage costs, I'd probably would have stuck with Xfinity.

T-Mobile advertises no overages, so they should realize many of those customers are rather technical and probably have thier own router and wifi. 

A very simple 'cable modem' with no wifi and the ability to add external antennas would be ideal and probably cost them a lot less.

Hopefully, T-Mobile will realize this. I understand they are in the midst of a huge rollout but the service really holds great potential.

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You can't really turn the Wi-Fi off on the Nokia gateway. The closest you can get is to turn the transmission power for each SSID down to 12%.

I just installed my router and I'm getting better signal with my router without any problems whats so ever. Everything works from my router. More control and better interface.


You can turn off the wifi and such, you just have to do through the backdoor.  I have had mine turned off for a couple months and use my Nest Wifi mesh system for wifi and routing.


Search for Nater Tater on Youtube, there are couple vidoes he has done that tell you how.  He even has some pretty easy scripts that can be run in Windows Powershell that make things really simple to turn off wifi, restart the gateway and a couple other things.


Edit:  I guess I should say this is for the Arcadyan KVD21