Does T-Mobile Offer Custom Data Plans for Mobile Internet?

  • 23 July 2021
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I’m currently on the prepaid 100GB/mo mobile internet plan for my hotspot, but I do a lot of streaming which burns through my data pretty quick and I also use my internet for my business. (I’m not able to get fixed internet at this time, either.) Now, I’m running on 2G data. UGH.

I realize, now, a 200GB/mo plan would serve my purposes perfectly. When I signed up the rep told me they only offer 50GB or 100GB prepaid plans for mobile internet. Does anyone know if T-Mobile offers custom data plans for mobile internet?

The customer service chat feature was kind of glitchy today. So, I thought I would ask my question here before I bother to call.

1 reply

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Good question. Our Data Plans has some other options but the highest amount for hotspot devices is $50 for 50GB. I suggest seeing if you qualify for T-Mobile Home Internet service if you need more data than our HotSpot plans offer.