Firmware Update to add functionality to Nokia 5G Gateway

  • 15 August 2021
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I just hooked up the gateway yesterday but I was very disappointed to no ability to access higher functionality. I would just like to use this as a gateway only and I currently have no way to port forward in order to get my security camera DVR to be accessed remotely. I will be patient and wait if there are plans in the future to have this functionality but if not it’s a real deal breaker for me and lots of others with similar problems. The question is are there plans to do this?  Thanks

4 replies

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Not likely anytime soon, as it would require them to ditch the IPV6 only network and their funky XLAT464 tunnel approach to dealing with the dual-stack v4/v6 issues (which breaks the traditional NAT process that allows you to port forward from the public IP through security/routing to an internal v4 address).

If our devices and applications were properly capable and aware of IPv6, we might be able to fix things up with IPv6 passthrough---but that option is not typically available.

About the best we can hope for is for them to allow a more proper use of a DMZ--which even that may still be problematic with how they appear to be “filtering” traffic (seems like multiple private networks may be sharing a single public IP, much like a free VPN or CGNAT setup).

So, for this to work like a more traditional ISP where your modem may run as just a gateway with full passthrough to a dedicate router on your side, they would need to make some important changes to their network architecture in general first.

Some have managed to remedy some situations via a VPN… but considering you are talking about IoT type devices, this would likely need to be running on your own router, which not all routers can do.  You would likely also need to pay extra for both securing a public v4 address with that VPN service for at least a month at a time, as well as the ability to assign specific ports to be forwarded (some VPN’s still share public addresses with multiple clients, and may still change IP’s periodically even when you pay for “dedicated” IP addresses).


After researching this for hours on end I can say the response from djb is exactly right.  If you do get a vpn service that allows port forwarding that costs extra money per month and you'll get a performance hit, pretty much right back where I started with Xfinity. So bottom line if you do run services and need incoming ports opened you're out of luck.  My only issue is my security cameras but I'm sure it's problematic for many people with other devices.  Maybe I can get a better price from Xfinity using TMHI as leverage. If so this thing is going back in the box. 

Can anyone share specific details or a link to how to setup a VPN service with the t-mobile home internet?  I have a security system and need to figure out how, via VPN, I can mimic IP forwarding to view the footage.  I understand there will be an additional charge for the VPN service and also some potential performance impacts.

Port forwarding is still a problem: bump.