Free Amazon Echo Show 8 promotion for home internet

  • 29 August 2022
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Hello, I signed up for Home Internet and was told I could get a free Free Amazon Echo Show 8. They gave me the address of “T-Mobile Promotions” but it does not work. It wants me to put in a promotional code for it but I was not given a promotional code to put in.


Does anyone know what the code is? Thanks



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13 replies

The promotion website should work. However do not cancel the home internet within the 14 days otherwise they will deny your offer.  They did me the same way.  The promo does not mention that. And they still wouldn’t give it to me. 

click here… T-Mobile Promotions hope this helps. I had the same issue. I am still waiting for the code to be sent to me. I did mine on 8/12/22. Says code could take 6-8 weeks from being submitted.

I had so much trouble with this as well. I called and waited for 40 mins just to figure it out on my own. I just googled echo show 8 and it took me right to the link with the promo code its 2022 HINT P9 hope this helps.

Yeah it take forever to get anywhere with the promo department.

I have noticed that the people are very long winded, when they speak.

Her Yes thank, I will be more than happy to check the status of your submission for the amazon 8 show free offer from T-Mobile for the home internet. Please bear with me while I to check the status of your submission for the amazon 8 show free offer from T-Mobile for the home internet.

Okay on this one It shows that  the status of your submission for the amazon 8 show free offer from T-Mobile for the home internet is pending.


I feel like I am back in school and trying to make the word count for a paper.

I clicked the link and logged in, but all I’m getting is a spinning wheel that says “Loading...” - 20 minutes now 😒


I had the same problem... I ended up biting the bullet and calling then

The loading circle keeps spinning to receive my echo promised ...any advice on what's going on...the gift card promotion worked

I also got the error with the "loading" page and a spinning circle for 2 days. Now I get an error that says " there are no promotions matching your search criteria". The promo code that customer support provides to register for the promotion is 2022 HINT P9, but it doesn't work. The person on the phone is trying to override the registration and email me a code to use on Amazon. If she is able to do that she says I must wait 6-8 weeks before the code will be recognized on Amazon for the free device.

I just submitted online for Echo Show 8 at “” and it actually went through.  Have to redeem the code within 30 days of Hint activation.  The promo code “2022 Hint P9” is correct.  Line must be active and in good standing when code is issued; allow 5 weeks from registration.  Redeem code via Amazon account within 60 days of code issuance.  It does say must use the link provided to order.  (Cannot self-search for the Echo Show 8 on Amazon).  This is info I got from my cell from T-Mobile and from my “Review your promotion” acceptance sheet.   Yesterday I had the same problem with the circle buffering.  I did try earlier today and had no problem getting through.  Hope this helps someone.    

They must have fixed the problem because it just worked for me too!

The correct link to use is with code 2022 Hint P9

The promotions link you can get to from your account page will not work, you must use the link above

Well, I was finally able to put in for the redemption of the Echo Show 8…I was instructed to use the code from a link in my text messages, which is 2022 HINT P9. The only thing is…some representatives didn’t know how to instruct me on tracking my promotional order! I ended up applying for it twice…once on 8/16 and again on 9/6. The first one says approved and the second one says received. So I’m actually approved for the first time I tried to redeem it! Okay cool! Now what?!!? Has anyone actually received their Echo Show 8 yet?!!? This is what it said the second time I tried to redeem the offer… 

“Thank You!

Thank you for redeeming the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) offer. Be on the lookout for an email once your code is ready with instructions on how to redeem. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.

Here are the details:

Use your tracking ID below to track the status of your submission.

Tracking ID: GQHJ-8820-0466

Submission Date: 9/6/2022” 


So what does this mean? There are two codes and two redemptions?!!? I’m like so confused! And I definitely haven’t received any codes by email…only the promotional code by text. I hope someone finally receives their Echo Show 8! Blessings, everyone! 💯💯💯🙏

call them back and request the amazon code and they can give it to you,right there….

Although I hate that we are all experiencing this same outcome from T-Mobile, I do feel better knowing we are not the only ones being lied to. No one can give you a straight answer. I am on the phone with them now and they are telling me the promotion has ended. Yet, I did everything I was suppose to do. I feel they need to honor their end of the deal. After talking to several representatives, I was told that I was approved and that I should receive the Echo Show on 9/26/22.