Got the Gray Gateway and Quite Happy With It.

  • 14 December 2021
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  I’ve been paying $96/mo for 100Mbps/6Mbps down/upload with Xfinity. I searched for the 5G-Utra area and I found my address was in the dark purple (5GUltra), so I ordered the T-Mobile internet last week, the Gateway came a few days later. I was amazed at the Gateway (Modem+Router combo), quite nice looking and heavy. The setup was a breeze. I put the Gateway near the window of the center room upstairs (2300sf), I got 4/5 bars signal. Inside the house, up/down stairs my phones and laptops tested 60Mbps/20Mbps to 234Mbps/34Mbps down/upload. Much better than my Xfinity ever been.

  The kids play games online a lot, they need Ethernet connections, so I got netgear and linksys Gb hub with CAT5e and CAT6 cables to hook up, making sure that the transmission doesn’t get limited by the poor cables. my Mac gets 200-230Mbps/30Mbps down/upload speed, the windows PC are much slower 90-100Mbps due to inferior drivers from MS, but still work for the kids. I need the upload speed because of my youtube channel and uploading videos was so much faster.

   I also had an Orbi Mesh Router, the Gateway has 2 Ethernet ports, one for the hub and the other for Orbi Mesh Router and it works perfectly as AP (Access Point) and by using the Orbi, I could get signal in the backyard (6800sf) with 60Mbps/18Mbps down/upload. Throughout the house, over 150Mbps-200Mbps up/down stairs, amazing.

  So, people are complaining about port forwarding, I have 2 devices that I’ve been using port forwarding but now I will get new devices that cloud based access so I don’t really need the port forwarding at the moment, but I’m sure T-Mobile will update their software to accommodate this. The reason I think T-Mobile doesn’t have port forwarding because the IP address assigned to the Gateway changes daily instead of permanently. I did see the IP address for IPv4 and I could use it to login to my webserver which I couldn’t do it when I first got the Gateway. After 5 days using the T-Mobile Gateway, I was confident enough to call and cancel my Xfinity services. 

  The Gateway has a USB and a Telephone port but they’re disabled at the moment, it would be nice if I could plug in a phone and use it as a landline.  The Gateway has a phone # associated with it.

  I recommend to check the area and if you’re in the dark purple area, you’re good to go just like mine and I love the $50/mo with faster speed than the basic plan from Xfinity.

Gateway Speed

Gateway+Orbi speed

 Set AP mode on Orbi


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