Great signal until.....

  • 19 June 2022
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I was very excited when we were able to get T- Mobile Home Internet. Setup was simple and we had 50 to 60 Mbps download speeds. Until about 7:00PM when our speed dropped below 10Mbps nightly. 4K was out of the question and anything HD had buffering errors. After numerous talks with Customer Support and several diagnostic tests it appears that T-Mobile oversold my area. I hope their capacity is increased as I really want to ditch Spectrum. Hopefully in the near future.

5 replies


Network congestion is probably the issue. Check your speeds in the middle of the night to see what the system is capable of.


Between 50-60 was my best speed. I could live with a consistent 30. Just the two of us old folks. Two computers with streaming music or a 65” HD TV.

Same exact situation here in the panhandle of Florida. At first TMHI told me they were actively upgrading the tower in my area. After 3 weeks, they said all work was done and not to expect any improvements. Sadly, it is still just as bad. Latency is between 70-80ms and download speeds are in the teens, sometimes single digits. All of which is not good enough to stream live tv.

Same here in western NY. I gave up and canceled the service.  

Same exact situation in Southeast Michigan. I originally had downloads of 80 -100Mbps. Then started to go down to less than 10 after a few months. I was also told in May that a tower was being upgraded and speeds would return on June 3. Instead my speeds dropped to less than 3Mbps, so i called again and troubleshooting efforts from off shore lowered my speed to .5 Mbps.  Waiting on a new gateway to be delivered, but suspect there is nothing wrong with the one i have. So completely disappointed with T mobile at this time.