having trouble wkth network on my xbox through tmobie home internet

  • 20 March 2021
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So the wifi seems to work fine on my Xbox and other devices but for some reason, my Xbox can't connect to Xbox live party. This is weird cause my Xbox is working fine but it's sayings it's a network issue. I hypothesize that since it's wifi 6 their must be something I am not seeing here. Cause it also says on my Xbox that UpnP not successful.

2 replies

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It is a problem with TMO's topology, basically.

They are an IPv6 only network... so all v4 addressing is shunted through a 464XLAT tunnel--which by default breaks peer to peer communications (doesn't forward ports properly).

They either need to put up some funky translation layers, or choose a better strategy for dealing with dual-stack environments.

Just arranging us to run IPv6 delegations locally would solve a lot of issues too, though it could still knacker up games and such that still rely solely on v4 addressing schemes.

In theory, running a VPN that supports P2P could get around it.  Some have reported success with some VPN's, but that incurs additional costs and adds a layer of complexity.  The free to use ones don't support port forwarding--have to pay for it, and may need to be run on a router for some devices to take advantage of it.  May not be worth it for some.

UPnP is absolutely essential to conduct multi-layer communications. As a business owner and tester of this new brand of Internet mesh connectivity for business, I am sadly unable to recommend T-Mobile internet for business. The earlier post is correct the work around for now for Xbox “parties”, remote work VPNs, off site printing, and Hulu is accomplished with an off shore VPN with a tunnel back to the source provider. That option however is usually expensive. I know myself as a programmer, the solution may be something quite simple and an easy fix with a sidecar. I am working on it now. The one thing to remember about any solution is it must be secure and as bullet proof as possible. I am sure in the next couple of months T-Mobile will create a solution. In the mean time; Myself and others are working just as hard to solve this dilemma. 

Don’t think that because you don’t have a technical or computer background that your opinion doesn’t matter-- it does. 

The only way that T-Mobile  is going to know what to fix and how; is for everyone to participate in finding the solution. 

Thanks for letting me rant. Remember there are no real problems just obstacles looking for solutions.