High-Speed Internt Gateway - connection PSA

  • 12 March 2021
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After initial success with my High-Speed Internet Gateway, my unit stopped working after only a couple weeks.   Many calls later and multiple hours on hold, I received a second unit which appeared to work properly but would not connect to the internet (even with a strong signal).   It seemed as if it was an addressing issue.   I suggested to tech support to “clear out” my first unit’s info and start fresh with second unit.    They could only advise me to uninstall and reinstall my app. 🙄

I then received a third unit which exhibited the same issue as unit #2.   This time, however, I had a more competent tech support person who re-addressed my “imsi” number in their system.   Unit #3 began working nominally. 

I throw this out there in case you find similar circumstances with subsequent installations.   I looked here and did not find anything similar. 

Cautiously optimistic....

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