home 5g internet on battery power?

  • 4 December 2021
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I just installed the 5g home internet gateway and have it all setup and working. Since it does have battery power when not on a/c I tried it unplugged to test it on battery. Does anyone know if it should work the same as on a/c power? Mine doesn’t. I have all the indicators on the top of the unit (connection, battery power etc) but I have no wifi or ethernet connections available in “network and internet settings” on my Windows 10 laptops. Thanks!

2 replies

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Same here, that battery won’t help if power goes out.  I believe that is for T-Mobile to access the unit with no power.  So I ended up purchasing 5 of these backups.  They are refurbished by CyberPower and are excellent.  The price is spectacular for what you get.  I put them on the T-router, my orbi mesh system and a TV.  Recently my Cummings generator was installed and it takes 4-7 seconds to switch.  I was losing the internet and mesh, no more.  Its all great now.


 Thanks for the Info!