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  • 4 December 2020
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Hello, My home gateway is greatly slowing down in the evening. This is something completely new. 

I’m talking around 2.5mbps down.

Only one device(tv) streaming at the time.

I have tried calling 844-275-9310 a couple of times at different times of the day and stay on hold for over an hour with no success talking to anyone. Is there another number that I can try or is this the only option? 

Any ideas what I can do to improve this problem?

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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7 replies

Same issue, except mine is slowing down in the daytime. I’ve had the service for about a month.. The first couple of weeks it was good, a steady speed of around 30 Mbps download, enough to stream with no problem. 


Yesterday it slowed down to a crawl, as low as 8 Kbps. Useless. Speed came back up enough to use it in the evening, maybe 20 Mbps.


This morning, the same. Slower than dial up speed all day. I’ve tried restarting the modem a couple of times. Seems to help for a while, then slows down again. 


About to give up on it.


I finally got ahold of the help line. She said my slow down was because of covid i.e. higher demand in the evening. I said if people being off work was the issue it would have been happening for the last 7 months. Not just the last week.

Anyway I have a new modem coming to try although I don't have much hope that will resolve my issue.

It was great when I got it. I had one issue similar to this and it was fixed by engineering in a day. We"ll see where this goes.

Good luck with your problem.


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Same! Been on it for 3 weeks, the first week I saw speeds of 25mb-70mb. I was so excited as I’d be able to dump my $80 3mb(if that) Frontier DSL. However, the 2nd week speeds became spotty and erratic. It’s now pretty much unusable with .02mb at times and constant off/on. It’s not a signal issue as the modem has consistently 4 bars. 

I’ve called support, waited the 2+ hours of hold time twice. The first tech took me through about an hour of trouble shooting, factory defaults etc. He finally gave up and put in a ticket to the cell group (engineering?) and said he’d call back. Never called back. My 2nd call I was told the ticket was still open and that because I was calling back it would get escalating to a supervisor who would call me back. Never called back. So here I am stuck with a $50 a month unusable service. I’ll be canceling shortly and ask for a refund too, since I’m pretty much back on my Frontier DSL. :weary:

I got my LTE gateway around a week ago and it has be very unreliable. Sometimes the speed is very good >50 mbps, other times <1 mbps.


The weirdest thing is that if I run the speed test at the exact same time on my pixel 4A 5G (when on the LTE network) and on a computer connected to the T-Mobile gateway the results are vastly different. I’ve also been tracking the speed over the course of 3-4 days with a speedtest run every 5 - 15 minutes. 

Below is the speed test results from my phone


Below are the results from my computer connected to the gateway.


Below is the results of the speed test over the course of 3-4 days

It is clear from the graph above that over night the speeds go back up, however the fact that the speed drops so low during the day is not acceptable and coupled with the fact that my phone still has very fast internet while the gateway is crawling means something else is going on. I’ll be calling customer support to hopefully talk to the engineering group. I’m hopefully it can be resolved because I really want to dump xfinity.


Thanks for the reply. I've had T mobile home internet for over a year and this is the worst it's ever been. It was excellent in the beginning. 

They sent me a new gateway and it might be marginally better. We'll see.

I don't want to go back to Cox but if this continues I'll have no choice. I mean at times it's  almost dial up.

Paying for something that you can't use is throwing money away. Better to pay a few dollars more and get something that works.

Good luck and post up if you can find a solution. 



I was never able to get a hold of T-Mobile support after sitting on hold for around 2 hours, disappointing, but I did discover something that helps explain periods of extended duration slow downs. I was running speed tests today and was up around 45-50 mbps. Then while trying to tie the T-Mobile gateway to my router it switched LTE bands from Band 4 to Band 71. This dropped my speed down to 8-9 mbps no matter what I did. So I pushed the LTE button on the front of the gateway a few times until it changed bands, this may have just been luck though since that button is suppose to only display the connection status. Once it changed to Band 2 I was back up to 50-60 mbps download speeds. This doesn’t help necessarily during times of congestions (but I will try to change bands when I see the speed dipping due to congestion around peak times to see if that helps). I Just had no idea that changing to another “LTE” band (actually bans 71 is an extended LTE band, vs just a normal LTE band like 2 & 4) could impact the speed so much. I’ll see if changing bands during peak hours helps with speeds then and post.


Thanks for the reply. I got a new gateway from T mobile and it has seemed to help some. I too will try to push the LTE button on the front and see if that helps anything. Rebooting the gateway has also helped on occasion. 

Hopefully the rollout of 5g home internet will improve the situation.

Good luck and keep me posted as to how you make out.