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  • 20 January 2022
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internet connectivity keeps dropping.  tower is connected to cell service, but no internet.  why?

3 replies

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internet connectivity keeps dropping.  tower is connected to cell service, but no internet.  why?

they don’t know.

it temporarily fixes itself if you reboot the device, either manually or by using the app/going to

I’m having the same issue now. Had the service up and running for a month with no issues, but tonight it started dropping connectivity to the internet… rebooting only fixed it for a few minutes before it dropped again.  Luckily I have a backup connection…

I have only had mine for a couple of weeks, in rural Western NY area, and it was working good until the last couple of days, where it looses connectivity for a split second, but it always comes back - so i have no idea if it is related, just seemed odd it play comcast on me all the sudden killing all my rdp sessions.

a bit of history on mine, dont know if this is helpful. When i first set it up i only got primary Signal, and i kept moving the antenna a bit till i had -93db on that signal. I got about 20Mbit down, which is good for me out here in Amish country. Then i saw some forum posts on that one should really mace sure the secondary signal is there and good, since that is the 5G piece.  I dont know how accurate the info is, that primary is your LTE/Control signals, and data only goes here if Secondary is not available. Secondary is your 5G and data flow.

So i moved it a few feet and kept testing - and my primary signal went in the toilet with -113db (RSRP), but i got secondary and a fair signal of -101db - and now my internet speeds are over 50Mbit down fairly consistently. (n71 band).

so in conclusion for me - the secondary signal is most important :) it hasnt blipped at all today.

I also have a wishlist for t-mobile, this is probably not the right place to ask - but i REALLy wish they had put some more abilities into the router user management, it has great cell radios, a very good Wifi radio as well, although i dont use it. what is completely missing is ability to add routes and set up DNAT or inbound port fw.  secondary i wish i could get a public IP to myself on the ethernet port, even if it was just ipv6.