Home internet 5g host ip change

  • 18 April 2021
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I have recently got the new 5g router and am trying out att tv because i can run 20 devices on the home network. It is set up for the host ip of After a reboot of the router the host ip is now and att no longer recognizes my networkas home?  If I switch it too many times (4 times a year) I can only stream 3 devices. i ls there a way that t mobe can keep the 172 ip address static or change it back so i do not have to reset my home location again?


2 replies

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Your best bet would be to contact their home internet support and create a ticket regarding this very legitimate concern.

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Static IP’s with modems that connect to cellular towers isn’t going to be possible.  The modem can potentially switch between towers for the best performance, which will change the IP address every time.  You could use a VPN service with a static IP to get around that though.