home internet billing issues

  • 21 April 2021
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I am unable to create a login due to the email address I signed up with being attached both to my t-mobile phone number and t-mobile home internet accounts. First of all this is ridiculous that both cannot be paid on my one login. Secondly, I have tried to create a new login with a different email address and it will not allow it due to my other email being the address I signed up with over the phone. I have spoken to 4-5 service reps, none could fix the issue, now it is escalated. This is insane though. I am not able to sign up for auto-pay to receive my 5 dollar credit. Why is this not a simple fix on their end? Hope somebody from support reads this so I can get this resolved. Thanks. I paid as a guest using my account number and it took my payment with absolutely no problem whatsoever.

3 replies

When I checked my account I see both my phones and the home internet phone number with a picture of the trash can.  So far the bill for the home internet isn’t showing up.  Is this your issue?  What are you attempting to login to?  


Your internet bill is supposed to be on the same account as your phone, not two separate accounts. My internet shows up as another phone number on my account and I pay for both at the same time. Not sure why you would have two different accounts for internet and phone. 

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All billing and account issues need to be taken care of through Customer Care or Customer Support.  You could try reaching out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter to see if they can resolve this for you quicker.