Home internet connection keeps dropping

  • 10 January 2022
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I want to add to the users who reported this behaviour from their home internet. Of note, customer support is of no help (is it me, or has it become useless to contact them over the phone?): the issue is often misclassified (“slow speed”) and they have no idea what is going on, just randomly saying “the tower is under maintenance” (for weeks at a time?).

If you need reliable internet, T-mobile is not for you.

(fun fact: my connection dropped twice just as I was writing this message)

1 reply

I appear to have the same issue.  The unit works flawlessly sometimes.  Then if we begin intense use of the network, the unit appears to drop the link.  I can only identify it because my in home router shows that the WAN link has gone down.  I am only using the T-Mobile unit as a WAN router.   If I reset the T-Mobile device then everything comes back.  Now I am experiencing network drops for no reason on certain high usage process where I am part of a Zoom meeting or a remote desktop access.  I am in the San Antonio, TX area.