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  • 21 September 2022
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I recently started test driving T-Mobile home internet at my house, and it's worked great for everything except games, where I'm having a weird issue with some of them. When I try to play Apex Legends on PC, the game will connect and play really smooth for anywhere from 1-3 minutes, and then all communication will be lost, which will take 20 seconds for the game to kick me out to the main menu. If I go back into the game from the main menu, it'll work fine untill the 1-3 minutes elapses.


During all of this my PC never loses connection, and this issue occurs over wifi and ethernet. This issue probably does not lie with the game as this issue does not occur with other ISPs, and it did not coincide with an update.


A similar issue is happening with Splatoon 3 on the Nintendo Switch, where the game will play superb for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before dropping the connection. 


Is this a known issue with the service or gateway, is there anyway I can debug my connection, and does anyone know anyway that could possibly remedy the situation? I'd love to keep the home internet, but one of the main things I use the internet for is games, meaning this service wouldn't work for me.

4 replies

I used the t mobile home internet and it kind of sucks, i used it only for 3 days in month of August and i was charged twice on that part, i am too much tired of this billing issue, T home internet simply did not worked for me. I cancelled it on 3rd day but still got charged for the bill in sept also. this is too much .. They ask for pin everytime which they never set up me up for. simply their service is worst..

I’m seeing a similar situation.  My game of choice is World Of Tanks.  I can login to the game but within about 3 to 5 minutes I get kicked out due to a dropped connection.  I’m not actually losing connection to the gateway.  I can stream video for hours without issue.  My son is seeing similar results with the games he plays.


Have you tried contacting support?  If so, what kind of response have you gotten?

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Try to remember that T-Mobile Home Internet uses the same cell towers that your phone connects to for service.  There will be times when it will switch towers to provide a better connection or to balance out a high amount of traffic on a tower.  When the modem decides to switch towers, you are going to lose your connection momentarily.  

I am (well, my son is) experiencing the same thing. Streaming works OK, and speed tests look great, but he's getting booted from multiple games after a few minutes. Running through my personal Asus router also makes no difference.